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H.H.E.C Braiding Work Shop with Guest Speaker Amy Cranley Professional Braider
August 24th at 6 pm
braid kits to purchase 15$
cost 45$

Topics covered :

Mane pulling

  •  desired length and thickness    
  • when to pull and when not to   
  • tools to use and      products used
  • bridle path lengths
Braiding- Manes
-prepping for braiding
  • different braids,      elastics versus yarn
  • size of the braid
  • keeping your braids      looking the best      
  • styles of braids      hunter, dressage Tail Braiding
Tail Braiding
  • prepping tails
  • lengths of tail
  • installing fake tails
  • proper use of tail bags
If braiding is Not for you costs to have your horse braided
-hunter braids 40$
-dressage and jumper braids 30$
-tails 30$
travel depends on distance travelled and how many horses are getting done at that location

To arrange Braiding contact Amy Cranley @ 705- 740-4602